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Tennis Sydney would not be able to function without the dedication of committee members who volunteer their spare time, working to run the organisation and its numerous tournaments, competitions and events.


The Tennis Sydney committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting each year.

If you have any questions about the committee, or suggestions and feedback, please email us at It is a rewarding experience to give back to the club.

2022 Tennis Sydney Committee

Members who have held the office of President:

1989-1990             Scott Ferguson & Andrew Stevenson

1990-1993             Andrew Stevenson

1993-1996             Rob Harris

1996-1998             Carl Copas

1998-2002             Edwin Christiansen

2002-2004              Carl Copas

2004-2006              Steve Bardy

2006-2009              Ben Alfred

2009-2015              Brendan Moore

2015-2018              Damien O’Brien

2018-2021              Gavin Mears

2022 - Present      Damien O’Brien

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