Tennis Sydney welcomes new members from beginner to advanced playing levels.



Annual Club Membership is $70 for the first year and $60 to renew. 

The membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June.

Member Benefits:


Members are able to participate in the full range of club tournaments and club competitions held throughout the year, and also receive exclusive member benefits including:

  • Members’ rates for Sunday Social: $30 for up to 5 hours of tennis (Non-members pay $35)

  • Personal accident insurance with Tennis NSW, during Club events

  • Thousands of $ worth of Member Benefits that you can find here: Members Benefits

Join or Renew Your Membership:

New membership and renewals are managed through the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) website.


To join Tennis Sydney or renew your membership CLICK HERE.

Waiver of Liability:

By participating at Tennis Sydney Inc. organised tennis tournaments, competitions, social play and related activities and events, participants agree to waive any and all rights and claims for bodily or emotional injury; injury to their reputation; or any other damage or harms that they might suffer; or any other claims of any nature they or their legal representatives may have against Tennis Sydney Inc., the GLTA and its officers, all tournament sites, tournament sponsors, or any organisation, facility or individual associated with these tournaments, competitions, social play and related activities and events.


Participants agree to participate at their own risk and the above organisations, facilities and individuals will not be responsible for any harm, injury or damage that they might suffer. They also release and waive any and all rights to claim damages or remuneration which may arise as a result of references to, photographs, images or likenesses of them which may appear in any publication or other media coverage.

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