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May 21 2017
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Mid-Week Winter Competition 2017 (Now Open)

Tennis Sydney 2017 Winter Comp


Entry is NOW OPEN for the Tennis Sydney Winter ‘Swingers’ 2017 Competition




To enter you need to complete a simple two step process.

Step 1 - Pay via Paypal - click here

Step 2 - Complete an entry form - click here


About: 'Swingers' is a great opportunity to play doubles with a different person each week, but is an individual competition where the winner is determined by the highest number of games won. Entry is limited to 36 players in 4 divisions so enter now to avoid disappointment. The comp will start on Thursday, 8 June, 2017. This comp we are continuing the exciting finals night for the top 4 players in each division.


Format: 3 pro-sets of doubles. Sets are first to 8, tie-break at 7-7 all. Sudden death on the 2nd deuce will be played in all games from the start of play.


Swinging: 2 courts are allocated for each of the divisions. Each week, you will be allocated a NEW partner for the night. You and your partner will play a total of 3 sets of doubles against 3 of the other pairings. You play this format each week until you have played with everybody in your division. This is a great way to make friends and play with new people!


Who: 36 players in 4 divisions. Entry is open to 2017 Tennis Sydney and Amazon Tennis Members only (see Membership information below).


Venues, times and divisions:

Division 1: Centennial Parklands, 7pm - 9.30pm

Division 2: Centennial Parklands, 7pm - 9:30 pm

Division 3: Sydney Boys High school, 8:00pm - 10.30pm

Division 4: Sydney Boys High school, 8.00pm - 10.30pm


Scheduled dates:  9 week ‘Swingers’: Thursday, 08 June 2015 for 9 weeks plus final (schedule dependent on weather)


Finals night: At the end of the 9 week ‘Swingers’ the top 4 players on the leader board for each division will carry their total games forward to finals night where the winner and runner-up will be decided in a 3 set ‘Swingers quickie’ as follows:


Entry and fees: $155. Payment must be made at the time of entry via PayPal on the website. Your entry cannot be confirmed until payment has been received.


Closing date for entries is Friday, 02 June 2017 (unless all spots are filled beforehand). Remember we are only accepting the first 36 entries for this comp.


For any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Looking forward to seeing you on the courts!




Tennis Sydney Comp Team


Tennis Sydney and Amazon Tennis Membership

Membership is required for all Amazon Tennis and Tennis Sydney mid-week comps and special tournament days. Membership will also allow you to benefit from free Personal Accident Insurance through the Club’s Membership to Tennis NSW/ Tennis Australia.


Waiver of Liability

By participating in Tennis Sydney Inc. and Amazon Tennis organised tennis tournaments, competitions, social play, coaching programmes and related activities and events, participants agree to waive any and all rights and claims for bodily or emotional injury; injury to their reputation; or any other damage or harms that they might suffer; or any other claims of any nature they or their legal representatives may have against Tennis Sydney Inc., Amazon Tennis, the GLTA and its officers, all tournament sites, tournament sponsors, or any organisation, facility or individual associated with these tournaments, competitions, social play and related activities and events. Participants agree to participate at their own risk and the above organisations, facilities and individuals will not be responsible for any harm, injury or damage that they might suffer. They also release and waive any and all rights to claim damages or remuneration which may arise as a result of references to, photographs, images or likenesses of them which may appear in any publication or other media coverage.